Present antiviral drugs against hepatitis are ineffective to deal with recent challenges of mixed, sporadic co-infections and cancer. Antimicrobial peptides (AMP) modify innate immunity and are currently viewed as replacement for broad spectrum antibiotics. Though we attempted sequence based modelling in our previous work, we wished to provide value addition to the previous study by making a dedicated resource on antimicrobial peptides acting against hepatitis virus [1]. We have provided a compilation of experimentally validated anti-hepatitis peptides, active against Hepatitis B and C. This study is useful for prediction of activity of anti-hepatitis peptides amongst various stages of disease causation and will serve as essential knowledge resource for future studies on in-field diagnostics and therapeutics





[1] “Gunjan Mishra, Vivek Ananth, Kalpesh Shelke, Deepak Sehgal, Jayaraman Valadi. “Classification of the Anti-Hepatitis Peptides using Hybrid-Ant Colony-Infogain Based Support Vector Machine”. Bioinformation 12(1): 012-014 (2016) 

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