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Progression through the cell cycle involves the coordinated activities of several cyclin/cyclin-dependent kinase (CDK) complexes. Their activities are regulated by their association with CDK inhibitors (CDKIs). Apart from their role as cell cycle regulators, CDKIs are involved in apoptosis, transcriptional regulation, cell fate determination, cell migration and cytosketal dynamics.
We have developed a database of experimentally verified CDKIs dbCDKI from several different organisms. CDKIs are diverse proteins and therefore fail to be identified by simple alignment-based techniques. So we have also developed CDKIPred which is a SVM based prediction method to identify novel cellular CDK inhibitor proteins using various features of proteins. The Prediction of Novel CDKIs can provide deep insight into new key players of cell-cycle and its various functional aspects as a function of different life-cycles in different organisms. Hence, a new prediction protocol needed to be designed and evaluated which is independent of sequential or structural homology to proteins with known functions.