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[Cite Us] Rastogi, A., & Gupta, D. (2014). GFF-Ex: a genome feature extraction package. BMC research notes, 7(1), 315.

There are several ways of representing genomic features for whole genome sequences emerging from annotation projects. Of these, the GFF (Generic/General/ Feature Format) has emerged as a widely accepted, portable and successfully used flat file format for storing genome annotations. With an increasing interest in genome annotation projects, the need for reference annotations at coordinate and sequence level in raw formats has immensely increased the use of GFF files.

GFF-Ex, a Genome Feature extraction package extracts Gene, Exon, Intron, Upstream Region of Gene (Promoters), Intergenic and CDS/cDNA sequences by just tweeting in the Genome Feature File (gff) along with the corresponding genome/chromosome sequence. GFF-Ex. is a fusion of shell and Perl, developed for platforms supporting UNIX based file system.

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