plant VsupPred is a Random Forest based prediction tool to predict viral Suppressors of RNA silencing (VSRs). VSRs are the viral proteins evolved with the capability to block RNA silencing response of the host as a counter defensive strategy. They have been identified in almost all plants, insects or mammalian viruses and show diversity within and across the kingdoms.


Applications of viral suppressors of RNAi

> Exploring mechanism of RNAi machinery

> Molecular Biofarming

> si/miRNA based antiviral gene therapy

Current  criteria to predict RSS activity in viral proteins

1.Viral RSS proteins harbor dsRNA binding domains

2.GW/WG motifs in the viral RSS proteins


We were motivated by the paucity of the computational algorithms to identify VSR sequences to develop plant VSupPred

How to use plant VsupPred?

1. Go to prediction tab on the left side menu

2. Input viral protein sequences in fasta format

3. Click 'Run Prediction'

3. Prediction summary would displayed on browser, downloadable in csv format

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