Important points
Query page
The query page gives you the option to search the database in four different ways:
  • You may search for the virulent proteins in one or more organisms of your choice within one or more of the given eight categories.
  • You may search for a specific keyword and optionally filter it by the organism.
  • If you know the accession number of a protein within the database, you may give the required accession number.
  • You may search for all proteins with molecular weights in a certain range and optionally filter it by organism.
Be careful in providing the right input format to these programs. Help for specific parameters for each program is provided in relevant cases. Also conform to the limits given to file upload size given therein, if you wish to analyze files larger than the specified size you may write to the The ProtVirDB Team.
The Links page provides links to several programs for antigenicity and epitope prediction which are relevant to this collection of proteins which represent potential vaccines.

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