Protein phosphorylation/dephosphorylation is one of the key Post-Translational Modifications (PTMs) process that is regulated by the kinases and phosphatases in the competitive manner. Substrate reversible phosphorylation mostly acts as a key to the regulatory proteins activation, governing signal propagation; activating essential pathways for the growth, survival and proper functioning of cells.

Although the studies on phosphorylation and dephosphorylation last for a long time, and many related resources have been developed, however, a comprehensive classification of all kinases and phosphatases for Plasmodium sps (Malaria, one of the deadliest disease, causing organisms and resulting great socio-economic loss to the affected countries) and complete information like interacting partner, associated literature etc. still remains non available at one place. The aim of this work is to provide researcher community a resource that can be easily queried to obtain information related to structure, function and literature about Plasmodium kinase/phosphatase. Most of the information is dynamically retrieved from publicly available repositories which are integrated with our curated data in our internal database.

The KiPho was lastly updated on date on Jan, 2017 contains 277 phosphatases and 524 kinases. The online service of PhosDB was implemented in PHP + HTML + JavaScript + CSS + BioPython. The database will be updated routinely as new protein kinases or protein phosphatases are reported for Plasmodium sps.