The landscape of microRNAs in plant viral infections – TRANSLATIONAL BIOINFORMATICS GROUP
  • Wed. May 29th, 2024

The landscape of microRNAs in plant viral infections


Viruses are importunate plant pathogens since ages. During evolution and persistent interactions with viruses, plants have developed multiple lines of defence against viruses. Likewise, the viruses, too have evolved mechanisms to be counter the host defence mechanisms. Historically, the plants’ antiviral mechanisms were mainly attributed to the activity of siRNAs. However, the recent research of miRNA-mediated gene silencing has established the antiviral role of miRNAs too. In plants, miRNAs play a vital role in numerous regulatory pathways linked to development processes, stress and plant-pathogen interactions. Moreover, a few recent studies also demonstrate that the viruses have mechanisms to counter this plant defence mechanism. Here, we document the current knowledge and recent advances in understanding miRNAs’ role in the plant defence against viruses and viral counter defence. We also reviewed the knowledge regarding the mode of action of miRNAs, including artificial miRNAs, and the involved mechanisms. Further, we categorised computational tools that can facilitate miRNA-virus interaction research, anticipating growing research interests in the subject and the fact that the current understanding of the miRNA mediated viral gene silencing mechanisms in plants is still a largely unexplored research area.

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