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High Performance Computing(HPC)
One IBM HPC 4-node cluster comprising two power-8 master nodes, two power-9 compute nodes and two power-9 GPU nodes with four NVIDIA Tesla V100-16GB GPUs in each along with attached 235 TB storage server.

Two Tyrone server in rocks cluster with 10TB Tyrone storage attached.

1. Nine Dell Desktop with Intel Processor more than 8GB RAM and more that 1TB HDD using Linux environment OS.
2. Twenty three Tyrone workstation with Intel Processor and 32 GB to 256 GB RAM and more than 4TB HDD using Linux environment OS.
3. Two Sun microsystem Ultra-27 with Intel processor with more than 16GB RAM and 500 GB HDD using using Linux environment OS.
4. One iMAC and one HP ALL-in-One with windows 11 for office work

1. One HPE DL385 G10+ server with AMD EPYC 128 Core Processor, 1TB RAM, about 6TB SATA SSD, and NVIDIA A100 80GB GPU for AI application development in Ubuntu 22.04 Linux environment.
2. One Tyrone DS400TG-48R server having RHEL-7 Linux OS environment with Intel Xeon Gold 80 core processor, 256 GB RAM, 500GB SSD, NVIDIA Tesla V100-PCIE-32GB GPU with 94TB attached Tyrone Opslag storage server.
3. One Dell windows 2008 server with Xeon processor and 128GB RAM.
4. One Sun Fire X2200 M2 with AMD Opteron 8 core processor, 32 GB RAM, 1TB HDD


Software for virtual screening, lead optimisation, and identifying the correct binding mode of active molecules.

GROMACS 2018.3

An open-source software suite for high-performance molecular dynamics and output analysis.


JupyterLab is a highly extensible, feature-rich notebook authoring application and editing environment for interactive computing with computational notebooks for a centralized data science environment on a server. It contain python based AI libraries like Tensorflow for AI application development.

RStudio Server

It provide a browser-based interface for centralized data science environment on a server, bringing the power and productivity of the RStudio IDE to server-based deployments of R.


Red Hat Virtualization Manager Web Administration for Virtual Machines

CLC Genomics Workbench
A comprehensive and user-friendly analysis package for analyzing, comparing, and visualizing next generation sequencing data.

A suite of programs that allow users to carry out molecular dynamic simulations.