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Rocks Cluster
5 compute nodes comprising Sun microsystems Ultra-27 with intel Xeon processor.

11 Sun microsystem Ultra-27 with Intel Xeon processor.

1 Fujitsu CELSIUS W510 with Intel Xeon processor.

1 Lenovo Thinkstation S30 with Intel Xeon processor.

NVIDIA Quadro K600 DisplayPort, DVI-I 1GB Graphics Card.

1 Dell windows 2008 server with Xeon processor and 128GB RAM.

2 Sun Microsystems Sun Fire T1000 Chassis RedHat-5.4 with Intel Xeon processor and 16GB RAM.

HPC ( High Performance Computing)

4 node cluster comprising two power 8 nodes and 2 power 9 nodes with 4XV80 GPUs in each.



Software for virtual screening, lead optimisation, and identifying the correct binding mode of active molecules.

CLC Genomics Workbench
A comprehensive and user-friendly analysis package for analyzing, comparing, and visualizing next generation sequencing data.

A suite of programs that allow users to carry out molecular dynamic simulations.